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Reservation Process

Reservatio Process

1. Select a Site to put in reservation status and place a $10,000 deposit towards the
Site License price.
2. After the one-week period you must notify us in writing/email that you plan on
purchasing the Site License.
3. We will close on remaining balance of the Site License by April 1st, 2024.
4. We need to schedule a time to sit down and design the cabin floor plan. The deck
and porch design will be done at this time as well.
5. A deposit of $25,000 must be made when the cabin is placed on order. This
amount will be applied against the cabin purchase price at the time of closing on
the cabin.
6. Cabin Delivery timing will be dependent upon when the order is placed and the
manufacturers schedule and how busy they are. We can usually schedule to have
the unit delivered in the Spring/Summer if ordered by year end.
7. With fluctuations in commodities prices and labor cost, Canterbury will give us a
guaranteed price 3 weeks before they start building the unit.
8. If the customer approves, another $50,000 deposit towards the cabin is made at
that time.
9. When a cabin arrives at Lakeside Cabins Resort. Closing on the cabin will take
place within 10 days after the cabin has been delivered. At that time, you pay for
the entire balance of the cabin, air conditioning and setup You will also pay the
balance owed on the Site License if that has not been done already.
10. Setup will take place after the cabin has been paid for. It normally takes 2-5 days
to set the cabin up and complete a final cleaning. At this time the cabin can be
used. It usually takes a couple weeks to have the A/C unit installed. Neither the
heat or A/C will be operations until that takes place.
11. We will help to coordinate with your porch builder on time for the start of that
process. Porch and Deck construction will commence and be completed as
quickly as possible. Times will vary upon the size of the deck and porch as well
as the workload of the crews building. In general, deck and porch construction
are usually completed within 3-5 weeks after the cabin arrives on site. Payment
for porch and deck construction will be dependent on your contractor’s terms.

12. Enjoy your cabin!

Site Licenses

Site Licenses

Lakeside Cabins Resort has been developed as a Membership Resort and is fully licensed by the state of Michigan as a private campground.  Although technically a campground, Lakeside Cabins Resort is governed by a homeowners’ association under specific rules and regulations.  These rules include the specifications and guidelines for the purchase, sale and use of the licenses for the sites at Lakeside Cabins Resort.

Each license grants the purchaser the right to place a cabin on the site, occupy the site, and sell, will or give away the license to the site at a later date.  Each purchaser makes a one-time payment for the site license and then pays annual dues to the homeowners’ association thereafter in order for the association to operate the Resort. 

Each site has different dimensions depending on various factors including the terrain, surrounding ravines, roads and the price of the site.  The average site exceeds 3000 square feet and is sufficiently large to comfortably handle one of our cedar-sided cabins and a porch and/or deck of between 150 and 600 square feet.  

Site license prices start at $20,000 and range up to $60,000.  Our average site license price sold has been approximately $30,000, and over 190 of our original 225 site licenses have been sold through 2023.

Annual Cost Analysis

Annual Cost Analysis
Annual Cost Analysis.jpg



There are customizable options for some floorplan features. This is the most common floorplan chosen by recent owners.

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